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Commit f7efab5e authored by eckhart's avatar eckhart
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- recovery after parsing error added; one test, more needed

parent 1b6f5477
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ class ResumeRule:
self.resume = resume # type: List[Union[str, Any]]
ResumeList = List[Union[str, Any]] # list of strings or regular rexpressiones
ResumeList = List[Union[str, Any]] # list of strings or regular expressiones
def resume(rest: StringView, rules: ResumeList) -> Tuple[Node, StringView]:
......@@ -186,18 +186,17 @@ def add_parser_guard(parser_func):
# PARSER CALL: run original __call__ method
node, rest = parser_func(parser, text)
except ParserError as error:
node = error.node
error_node = error.node
rest =
rules = grammar.resume_rules__.get(, [])
if rules or parser == grammar.root__:
nd, rest = resume(rest, rules)
assert node.children
node.result += (nd,)
# node.result = (nd,) + node.result
gap = len(text) - len(rest)
result = (Node(None, text[:gap]), node) if gap else node
raise ParserError(Node(parser, result), rest)
nd, rest = resume(rest[len(error_node):], rules)
assert error_node.children
node = Node(parser, (Node(None, text[:gap]), error_node, nd))
# result = (Node(None, text[:gap]), error_node) if gap else error_node
raise ParserError(error_node, rest)
if grammar.left_recursion_handling__:
parser.recursion_counter[location] -= 1
......@@ -510,7 +509,7 @@ class Grammar:
is the case.
resume_rules__: A mapping of parser names to a list of regular expressions or search
string that act as rules to find the the reentry point if a ParserError
strings that act as rules to find the the reentry point if a ParserError
was thrown during the execution of the parser with the respective name.
parser_initializiation__: Before the parser class (!) has been initialized,
......@@ -829,11 +828,12 @@ class Grammar:
if stitches:
if rest:
stitches.append(Node(None, rest))
result = Node(None, tuple(stitches)).init_pos(0)
except AssertionError as error:
print(Node(None, tuple(stitches)).as_sxpr())
raise error
result = Node(None, tuple(stitches)).init_pos(0)
# except AssertionError as error:
# # some debugging output
# print(Node(None, tuple(stitches)).as_sxpr())
# raise error
if any(self.variables__.values()):
error_msg = "Capture-retrieve-stack not empty after end of parsing: " \
+ str(self.variables__)
......@@ -1381,7 +1381,7 @@ class Series(NaryOperator):
assert len(results) <= len(self.parsers)
node = Node(self, results)
if mandatory_violation:
raise ParserError(node, text_)
raise ParserError(node, text)
# self.grammar.tree__.add_error(node, mandatory_violation)
return node, text_
......@@ -613,10 +613,13 @@ class TestReentryAfterError:
cba = "c" "b" §"a"
gr = grammar_provider(lang)()
gr.resume_rules__['alpha'] = ['BETA']
# cst = gr('ALPHA abc BETA bac GAMMA cab .')
# assert not cst.error_flag
cst = gr('ALPHA acb BETA bac GAMMA cab .')
content = 'ALPHA acb BETA bac GAMMA cab .'
cst = gr(content)
assert cst.error_flag
assert cst.content == content
class TestUnknownParserError:
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