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Commit 75c51cb9 authored by di68kap's avatar di68kap

- tst_MLW_grammar.py: XML-switch repaired

parent 169128d2
......@@ -106,6 +106,7 @@ def finalize_presets():
import multiprocessing
import os
import pickle
if multiprocessing.get_start_method() != 'fork':
syncfile_path = get_syncfile_path(os.getpid())
existing_syncfile = CONFIG_PRESET['syncfile_path']
......@@ -873,6 +873,7 @@ class Node: # (collections.abc.Sized): Base class omitted for cython-compatibil
switch = how.lower()
from DHParser import configuration
if switch == 'ast':
switch = get_config_value('ast_serialization').lower()
elif switch == 'cst':
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