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Commit 01d7167d authored by Daniele Tafani's avatar Daniele Tafani
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Updated dcdbquery usage instructions for sensor operations.

parent c44e3b26
......@@ -54,7 +54,9 @@ void usage(void)
<< "When the -r option is specified, timestamps will be reported in internal (raw)" << std::endl
<< "format (nanoseconds since epoch) insted of ISO human readable form." << std::endl
<< "When the -l option is specified, times for <Start>, <End>, and in the generated" << std::endl
<< "output will be interpreted / printed in the local time zone." << std::endl;
<< "output will be interpreted / printed in the local time zone." << std::endl
<< "To print out sensor operations, type <operation>(<Sensor>), e.g., derivative(sensor name)." << std::endl
<< "Currently available options for the <operation> field are: delta, derivative, integral." << std::endl;
else {
std::cout << "Invalid request." << std::endl;
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