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......@@ -50,6 +50,11 @@ restAPI {
certificate path/to/file
privateKey path/to/file
dhFile path/to/file
authkey token {
plugins {
......@@ -77,11 +82,13 @@ Explanation of the values:
| daemonize | Set to 'true' if dcdbpusher should run detached as daemon. Default is false.
| tempdir | One can specify a writeable directory where dcdbpusher can write its temporary and logging files to. Default is the current (' ./ ' ) directory.
| cacheInterval | Define a time interval in seconds. The last sensor readings within this time interval will be kept. This value can be overwritten by plugins.
| | |
| restAPI | Bundles all values related to the RestAPI. See the corresponding [section](#restApi) for more information on supported functionality.
| address | Define address and port where the REST API server should run on.
| certificate | Provide the (path and) file which the HTTPS server should use as certificate.
| privateKey | Provide the (path and) file which should be used as corresponding private key for the certificate. If private key and certificate are stored in the same file one should nevertheless provide the path to the cert-file here again.
| dhFile | Provide the (path and) file where Diffie-Hellman parameters for the key exchange are stored.
| authkey | This struct is used to define authentication key tokens for the REST API. Within the struct, define which operations over the REST API are allowed for the token (e.g. PUTReq or GETReq). Each token must be unique.
| | |
| plugins | In this section one can specify the plugins which should be used.
| plugin name | The plugin name is used to build the corresponding lib-name (e.g. sysfs --> libdcdbplugin_sysfs.1.0)
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