Commit 04584c17 authored by Carla Guillen's avatar Carla Guillen
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adding softlink to mariadb library object

parent 13d467df
......@@ -308,5 +308,5 @@ $(DCDBDEPSPATH)/mariadb-connector-c-$(MARIADBCONNECTOR_VERSION)-src/.built: $(DC
$(DCDBDEPSPATH)/mariadb-connector-c-$(MARIADBCONNECTOR_VERSION)-src/.installed: $(DCDBDEPSPATH)/mariadb-connector-c-$(MARIADBCONNECTOR_VERSION)-src/.built | $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)
@echo "Installing Maria DB Connector library..."
cd $(@D)/build && make install && touch $(@)
ln -s $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/lib/mariadb/ $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/lib/
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