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Add a FIXME comment describing the current issues with the query sum implementations.

parent fc57629d
......@@ -40,6 +40,27 @@
using namespace DCDB;
* All these functions suffer from a minor logical error in handling
* week-stamp transitions. When calling query sum in a time range
* that contains a week stamp transition, this will result in multiple
* calls to SensorDataStoreImpl::querySum() with their results being
* summed up. When transitioning from week stamp w to w+1 in the
* evaluation, this results in the algorithm ignoring the interval
* between the last reading within w and the first reading within w+1.
* To fix this, one would have to replicate the implementation of
* integrals from SensorDataStoreImpl::querySum for the last reading
* in w and the first reading in w+1.
* An alternative fix would be to shift the whole querySum logic
* including the expansion of the public sensor name into patterns
* and subsequent querying of multiple SensorIDs for forming a
* continuous (but week stamp separated) time series into a function
* that is part of the DCDBLib C++ API (i.e. rework the current
* SensorDataStoreImpl::querySum() function.
DCDB_C_RESULT dcdbQuerySum(
int64_t* result,
const char* hostname,
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