Commit 10c04d62 authored by Axel Auweter's avatar Axel Auweter
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Somewhat nicer default make target being a little more descriptive.

parent 791163b9
......@@ -20,12 +20,20 @@ info:
@echo "DCDB - Data Center Database"
@echo "Buildsystem description"
@echo ""
@echo "Use DCDBBUILDPATH environment variable to specify build path."
@echo "Use the DCDBBUILDPATH environment variable to specify a build path."
@echo "Currently, the project will be built to:"
@echo ""
@echo "The prefix for installation is:"
@echo "Use the DCDBDEPLOYPATH environment variable to specifiy the path for deployment"
@echo "of all tools. Currently, the directory for deployment/staging is:"
@echo ""
@echo "There should only be a few requirements to build DCDB."
@echo "On Ubuntu, these are: build-essential, cmake, libssl-dev"
@echo "To run Cassandra, you should also have a JAVA runtime installed."
@echo ""
@echo "To start, please type:"
@echo " make all"
ifeq ($(wildcard $(DCDBBUILDPATH)),)
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