Commit 1dd95e62 authored by Carla Guillen's avatar Carla Guillen
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adding check for timestamps which don't belong to a job

parent 535cf7d9
......@@ -175,10 +175,14 @@ void PerSystSqlOperator::compute(U_Ptr unit, qeJobData& jobData) {
} else {
measurement_ts = _buffer[0].timestamp;
if(measurement_ts < jobData.startTime){
LOG(debug) << "PerSystSQL Operator: timestamps not part of job.";
Aggregate_info_t agg_info;
agg_info.timestamp = (measurement_ts/1e9);
compute_internal(unit, _buffer, agg_info, measurement_ts); //it can't possibly be zero here
compute_internal(unit, _buffer, agg_info, measurement_ts);
if( _backend == MARIADB ) {
if (!_persystdb->isInitialized()
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