Commit 26c1eb85 authored by Michael Ott's avatar Michael Ott
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Use new SensorDataStore::insertBatch() function to improve CollectAgent ingress rate

parent 76aaf386
......@@ -201,11 +201,14 @@ int mqttCallback(SimpleMQTTMessage *msg)
cout << endl;
std::list<DCDB::SensorDataStoreReading> readings;
for (uint64_t i = 0; i < len / sizeof(mqttPayload); i++) {
mySensorDataStore->insert(&sid, payload[i].timestamp, payload[i].value);
DCDB::SensorDataStoreReading r(sid, payload[i].timestamp, payload[i].value);
mySensorCache.storeSensor(sid, payload[i].timestamp, payload[i].value);
#if 1
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