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adding the instructions on what to append to the main Makefile and

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Inside the (inside the dcdb directory) append to PLUGINS variable: nvml
#Other plugins to be built
PLUGINS = sysfs perfevent ipmi pdu bacnet snmp procfs tester gpfsmon opa msr nvml
Then Append at end of Makefile (inside the dcdbpusher directory):
# nvcc compiler and extra flags to enable the linking and creating of .so file to work:
libdcdbplugin_nvml.$(LIBEXT): sensors/nvml/nvmlSensorGroup.o sensors/nvml/nvmlConfigurator.o
$(NVCC) -shared --compiler-options '-fPIC' -o $@ $^ -L$(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/lib/ -lboost_log -lboost_system -lnvidia-ml
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