Commit 2e77b9be authored by Micha Mueller's avatar Micha Mueller
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Update help message in HttpsServer

parent 6cd50299
......@@ -115,8 +115,9 @@ void HttpsServer::requestHandler::operator()(server::request const &request, ser
" Average of last sensor readings from the last\n"
" [interval] seconds or of all cached readings\n"
" if no interval is given\n"
" -PUT: /[plugin]/[start|stop]\n"
" Start/stop the sensors of the plugin\n"
" -PUT: /[plugin]/[start|stop|reload]\n"
" Start/stop the sensors of the plugin or\n"
" reload the plugin configuration\n"
"All resources have to be prepended by host:port and need at\n"
"least the query ?authkey=[token] at the end. Multiple queries\n"
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