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## snmp
The SNMP plugin enables dcdbpusher to talk with devices which have an SNMP agent running and query requests from them. A SNMP sensor corresponds to a single value as identified by the unique OID. Sensors are aggregated by connections. See the exemplary snmp.conf file in the `config/` directory.
| Value | Explanation |
|:----- |:----------- |
| connection | An aggregating connection
| Type | Type of the SNMP application which runs on the device queried by the connection. Currently only the type Agent is supported.
| Host | Host name of the device which is to be queried.
| Port | The SNMP port should be usually 161. No changes should be required here.
| Community | Which SNMP community to use.
| OIDPrefix | This OIDPrefix is used for all following sensors.
| mqttPart | Connection specific MQTT-part which is appended to the MQTT-prefix and succeded by the sensor specific suffix.
| OID | OID suffix which together with the OIDPrefix forms the unique OID identifying a value to query.
## sysFS
SysFS sensors read data from sysFS files. The configuration file of the plugin corresponds to the generic plugin configuration with standalone sensors. Additionally for a sysFS sensor the following parameters are mandatory/possible:
......@@ -535,4 +548,4 @@ Explanation of the values specific for the BACnet plugin:
#### TODOS
* perhaps xml-file example for pdu
* snmp, more about mqtt-topic
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* more about mqtt-topic
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