Commit 68ab1713 authored by Michael Ott's avatar Michael Ott
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Fix linking of

parent 9bb42854
......@@ -167,7 +167,9 @@ $(DCDBDEPSPATH)/libuv-v$(LIBUV_VERSION)/.installed: $(DCDBDEPSPATH)/libuv-v$(LIB
cd $(@D) && install -c include/uv.h $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/include/
cd $(@D) && install -c include/uv-private/* $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/include/uv-private/
if [ -e $(@D)/libuv.a ]; then cd $(@D) && install -c libuv.a $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/lib/; fi
if [ -e $(@D)/ ]; then cd $(@D) && install -c $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/lib/; ln -s $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/lib/ $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/lib/; fi
if [ -e $(@D)/ ]; then cd $(@D) && install -c $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/lib/; \
if [ ! -e $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/lib/ ]; then ln -s $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/lib/ $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/lib/; fi; \
if [ -e $(@D)/libuv.dylib ]; then cd $(@D) && install -c libuv.dylib $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/lib/; fi
touch $(@)
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