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Commit 78c87c65 authored by Carla Guillen's avatar Carla Guillen

More meaningful error messages for misconfigurations.

parent bc25182d
......@@ -165,13 +165,18 @@ bool endsWith (std::string const &fullString, std::string const &ending) {
void SMUCNGPerfConfigurator::sensorBase(SMUCSensorBase& s, CFG_VAL config) {
std::string name = s.getName();
bool found = false;
for (auto & kv : _metricMap) {
if(endsWith(name,kv.first)) {
found = true;
_metricToPosition[kv.second] = _vector_position;
LOG(error) << "Unable to configure sensor "<< name << " no match in _metricMap found.";
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