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Add support to generate doxygen documentation

parent f82f16d1
......@@ -2,6 +2,9 @@
## Ignore DCDB generated documentation
## Ignore object files and other binaries
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ PUBHEADERS = pusherpqueue.h dcdbdaemon.h
FULL_CC = $(shell which $(CC))
FULL_CXX = $(shell which $(CXX))
.PHONY : info all clean cleanall distclean check-cross-compile deps depsinstall $(SUB_DIRS)
.PHONY : info all clean cleanall cleandoc distclean check-cross-compile deps depsinstall $(SUB_DIRS) doc
@echo ""
......@@ -97,8 +97,12 @@ clean:
@$(foreach f,$(DISTFILESPATHS),echo "Cleaning $(f)..." && rm -rf $(DCDBDEPSPATH)/$(f) && echo;)
@$(foreach f,cpp-netlib,echo "Cleaning $(f)..." && rm -rf $(DCDBDEPSPATH)/$(f)_build && echo;)
@echo "Cleaning doc/html..."
@rm -rf doc/html
cleanall: clean cleandeps
cleanall: clean cleandeps cleandoc
distclean: clean
@echo "Wiping dependencies..."
......@@ -110,10 +114,15 @@ mrproper: distclean
@echo ""
@echo "Wiping installation directory..."
@echo "Generating doxygen HTML documentation..."
@cd doc/ && doxygen Doxyfile
@echo "Generated docs into doc/html"
all: check-cross-compile deps $(foreach s,$(SUB_DIRS),$(s)-build)
all: check-cross-compile deps $(foreach s,$(SUB_DIRS),$(s)-build) doc
install: depsinstall $(SUB_DIRS)
install: depsinstall $(SUB_DIRS) doc
@cd common/include && install $(PUBHEADERS) $(DCDBDEPLOYPATH)/include/dcdb && cd ..
@echo DONE
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