Commit 9f7d98e3 authored by Alessio Netti's avatar Alessio Netti

LibDCDB: temporarily increasing request timeout in Cassandra driver

parent b9994662
......@@ -372,6 +372,8 @@ bool ConnectionImpl::connect() {
cass_cluster_set_num_threads_io(cluster, numThreadsIo);
cass_cluster_set_queue_size_io(cluster, queueSizeIo);
cass_cluster_set_core_connections_per_host(cluster, coreConnPerHost);
//TODO: avoid this and use actual paging in queries
cass_cluster_set_request_timeout(cluster, 300000);
/* Force protcol version to 1 */
cass_cluster_set_protocol_version(cluster, 1);
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