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Remove documentation for PDU plugin's TTL attribute. It was discarded in commit 4e284396

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......@@ -558,7 +558,6 @@ Explanation of the values specific for the PDU plugin:
| Value | Explanation |
|:----- |:----------- |
| host | Hostname and (optional) port where to fetch the XML-file with sensor data from. If no port is specified, 443 is used. The plugin requests the file via HTTPS.
| TTL | To avoid requesting a current XML-file every time a sensor wants to read his value, one can define a time to live (TTL) for the file here. A new XML-file is requested at the earliest if the TTL has expired. Default value is 1000[ms].
| request | Define the request to be sent to the host via HTTPS as a string. One should put the request in quotation marks (' " ') to enable the use of whitespaces within the request. Special characters (like usage of ' " ' within the request) should be escaped (' " ' --> ' \" '; ' \ ' --> ' \\\\ '; newline --> ' \n '; ...).
| path | Define a dot-separated path to the value to be read in the XML file. One can specify attribute values a node has to fulfil in brackets after the node. Even multiple (comma-separated) attributes can be given, however no whitespaces should be used (!) as they will not be filtered and could therefore be treat as part of the attributes name.
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