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......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ Other features included by DCDB:
* cmake
* C++11 compiler
* Doxygen (to build documentation)
//Create a new directory for DCDB
......@@ -72,4 +73,4 @@ See the `LICENSE` file for more information.
-develop for framework itself
-dig deeper into doxygen to get a beatiful documentation. perhaps use
markdown files for pages (for tutorials, architecture explanation)
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1. [counterData](#opaCounterData)
8. [ProcFS](#procfs)
9. [Writing own plugins](#writingOwnPlugins)
3. [TODOS](#todos)
## Introduction <a name="introduction"></a>
DCDB (DataCenter DataBase) is a database to collect various (sensor-)values of a datacenter for further analysis.
......@@ -667,10 +666,7 @@ Additional CPU-related metrics (that may be introduced in future versions of the
Note that for /proc/meminfo instances, an additional synthetic sensor of type "MemUsed" can be defined. This sensor will automatically extract the amount of used memory from the MemTotal and MemFree values present in meminfo files.
## Writing own plugins <a name="writingOwnPlugins"></a>
First make sure you read the [plugins](#plugins) section.
Try out the `pluginGenerator/` script!
First make sure you read the [plugins](#plugins) section.
It is recommended to use the `pluginGenerator/` script to kick off plugin development. Running `./ -h` gives instructions on how to use the script. On success, the script generates all required source files for a new plugin with instructions on how to continue from there.
#### TODOS <a name="todos"></a>
* explain special cases in the code for every plugin?
* more about mqtt-topic
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