Commit e319aa9f authored by Micha Mueller's avatar Micha Mueller
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Fix gitignore: ignore only binaries and not whole directories

parent d4974b52
...@@ -7,12 +7,12 @@ install/ ...@@ -7,12 +7,12 @@ install/
*.so *.so
*.dylib *.dylib
collectagent collectagent
dcdbpusher dcdbpusher/dcdbpusher
dcdbconfig tools/dcdbconfig/dcdbconfig
dcdbcsvimport tools/dcdbcsvimport/dcdbcsvimport
dcdbquery tools/dcdbquery/dcdbquery
dcdbquerysum tools/dcdbquerysum/dcdbquerysum
dcdbunitconv tools/dcdbunitconv/dcdbunitconv
## Ignore various IDE project definition files ## Ignore various IDE project definition files
.cproject .cproject
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