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Commit ea377daa authored by Alessio Netti's avatar Alessio Netti
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Analytics: minor fixes

- Suppressing an integer comparison warning
parent c7ffa509
......@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ std::string ClusteringOperator::printMeans() {
if(_gmm.empty() || !_gmm->isTrained())
out << "Model is uninitialized or not trained.\n";
else {
for(size_t idx=0; idx<_gmm->getMeans().size().height; idx++)
for(size_t idx=0; idx<(size_t)_gmm->getMeans().size().height; idx++)
out << "Component " << idx << " :" << _gmm->getMeans().row(idx) << "\n";
return out.str();
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