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......@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ GET https://localhost:8000/sysfs/freq1/avg?authkey=myToken;interval=15
PUT https://localhost:8000/bacnet/stop?authkey=myToken
## MQTT topic <a name="mqttTopic></a>
## MQTT topic <a name="mqttTopic"></a>
For communication between the different DCDB-components (database, dcdbpusher) the [MQTT protocol]( is used. In order to identify each sensor, everyone has to have a unique MQTT topic assigned. A MQTT topic for DCDB consists of exactly 128 bits (= 32 hex characters), not including '/' separators. The topic for a sensor is build by appending up to 4 parts:
1. mqttprefix (e.g. /00112233445566778899AA)
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