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Commit feb6f575 authored by Alessio Netti's avatar Alessio Netti
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Analytics: minor fixes to Cooling Control plugin

parent a39eb306
......@@ -37,9 +37,7 @@ CoolingControlConfigurator::~CoolingControlConfigurator() {}
void CoolingControlConfigurator::sensorBase(CoolingControlSensorBase& s, CFG_VAL config) {
BOOST_FOREACH(boost::property_tree::iptree::value_type &val, config)
if (boost::iequals(val.first, "scaling")) {
} else if (boost::iequals(val.first, "hotThreshold")) {
if (boost::iequals(val.first, "hotThreshold")) {
......@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ uint64_t CoolingControlOperator::getNumHotNodes(std::vector<std::vector<reading_
if (!readings[idx].empty()) {
bool hotNode = true;
for (const auto &r : readings[idx]) {
if (r.value < unit->getInputs()[idx]->getHotThreshold()) {
if (r.value < (int64_t)unit->getInputs()[idx]->getHotThreshold()) {
hotNode = false;
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