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Commit 0ea67169 authored by Sven K's avatar Sven K
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Minor structural changes from Aug 03, 2018.

parent dd5e2537
......@@ -34,3 +34,6 @@
# anything
......@@ -120,7 +120,6 @@ is also documented and can render to standalone webpages using the \texttt{javad
program. However, this documentation will not help you when programming ExaHyPE
in C++. Thus we don't go into detail about this part of ExaHyPE.
\todo{broken ref}
\item Further ExaHyPE code generators such as the Python3 code which generates the
optimized kernels, cf. section \ref{sec:optimized-kernels}. This is one of the
many non-mandatory (in terms that you can avoid running them if you don't want to)
......@@ -8,9 +8,7 @@
\input{structure} % Contains majority of structure
\input{structure} % structure.tex defines the major layout and colors.
\usepackage{amsmath, amssymb, amsthm}
......@@ -41,7 +39,6 @@
pdftitle={ExaHyPE Guidebook},
pdfauthor={The ExaHyPE developers},
......@@ -49,7 +46,7 @@
\input{macros} % macros.tex define handy macros and inline commands
......@@ -57,7 +54,7 @@
......@@ -131,17 +128,17 @@ This particular document was generated on \today\ at \currenttime. \\
\pagestyle{fancy} % Print headers again
\part{\exahype\ installation and demonstrator applications}
%\end{document} %<- move this line for debugging and quicker compilation
\part{Developing new \exahype\ applications}
......@@ -190,6 +187,5 @@ This particular document was generated on \today\ at \currenttime. \\
......@@ -3,14 +3,6 @@
% usage: \ifpackage{foo}{foo is avail}{foo is not avail}
% usage: \trypackage{foo}
......@@ -23,6 +15,30 @@
% This was an experiment: Add background color to inline texttt commands.
% However, it miserable failures for all kind of weird corner cases.
% \texttt{foo} in math environment works, but now I see errors when used in
% captions. Whatever.
%% Overload the monospace texttt command with a version which gives
%% a decent background color:
%\colorlet{Light}{black!5} % cf structure.tex:\mdfdefinestyle{cBoxStyle} == lststyle
%% Wont work,
%\ifmmode% if in math mode
%\else% in text mode:
%% \color{inlineFG}%
%\fi% end if in math mode
% still to be done: Replace lstlisting by the much more advanced
% "minted" package for much more improved syntax highlighting.
......@@ -49,6 +49,14 @@
\definecolor{airforceblue}{rgb}{0.36, 0.54, 0.66}% Define the blue color used for
% info boxes throughout the book
\definecolor{dark-exablue}{RGB}{0,59,118} % Front page
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