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Commit 0f1846da authored by Dominic Etienne Charrier's avatar Dominic Etienne Charrier
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Add changelog which I will use tomorrow to update the guidebook.

parent 1cbd5404
* Move global master/worker communication out of Peano's adapters during time stepping iterations.
(Keep it in Peano adapters during mesh refinement iterations.)
* There are now two hook (beginTimeStep,endTimeStep) for user solvers which can be used to
initialise or shut down file operations and to perform global reductions and
broadcasts (among working ranks).
* Const-correctness established for solver macro kernels and USER PDE kernels
Changes applied to all specification files found in ExaHyPE-Engine,
ExaHyPE-Astrophysics and ExaSeis.
* Profiling: I defined Intel ITAC user events for all solvers.
This should give a good idea where we encounter
scalability bottlenecks.
Global Optimisation Parameters
New options:
* limiting = <enum>, <enum> in ["static","dynamic"]
* mesh_refinement = <enum>, <enum> in ["static","dynamic"]
Both are used by the solvers to skip certain operations such as FV-DG
projections in troubled FV cells, the evaluation of DMP and PAD
during the time stepping iterations, the evaluation of the refinement
criterion during time stepping iterations, ...
Modified options:
* fuse_algorithmic_steps = <bool> -> fuse_algorithmic_steps = <enum>, <enum> in ["all","most","none"]
"most" fuses two out of the three ADER-DG phases, "all" fuses all three.
"all" might require reruns when a time step size estimate was wrong.
No reruns are required when a linear scheme is used.
* fuse_algorithmic_steps_factor = <number> -> fuse_algorithmic_steps_rerun_factor = <number>
-> fuse_algorithmic_steps_diffusion_factor = <number>
If a rerun is necessary, the time step size is reset to
dt = dt_cfl * fuse_algorithmic_steps_rerun_factor
Otherwise, the next time step size is estimated as
dt = 0.5 * ( dt_cfl * fuse_algorithmic_steps_diffusion_factor + dt_old)
(diffusion factor as a smaller time step size adds additional numerical diffusion.)
* Nonfused variants "all and "most" do not read and write to the update array anymore in compute cells.
This should increase arithmetic intensity.
* Update array of compute cells is only read and written when necessary.
It is not accessed anymore during batched "all" fused timed stepping iterations.
This should increase arithmetic intensity.
* Completely cleaned the time stepping procedures. Got rid of the predictor
time stamp and step size on each patch.
The refactored code was tested with TestCases/AMR_bug and
TestCases/nonlinear_Euler_Sod_3d, using optimised and generic kernels.
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