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......@@ -267,3 +267,27 @@ For the machines
please see the configuration settings in the \texttt{ClusterConfigs}
directory in the \texttt{Miscellaneous} in the main repository.
\section{git on clusters}
Some compute clusters, such as SuperMUC or Hazelhen, do not allow access
to the outside world but instead require sshing in through known
machines. To access git through these machines do the following.
On your local machine add the following to the \texttt{.ssh/config} file
RemoteForward $PORT_NUM
where you specify \texttt{PORT\_NUM} as a port number. Then on the compute
machine, create a new ssh key and add it to your profile on Gitlab. Then
add the following to the \texttt{.ssh/config} file
IdentitiesOnly yes
Hostname localhost
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/$PRIVATE_KEY
where \texttt{USERNAME} and \texttt{PRIVATE\_KEY} are your username
required to log into the gitlab and private key file respectively.
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