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......@@ -10,6 +10,13 @@ of ExaHyPE's authors or third party library authors.
\section{Frequently asked developer questions}\label{sec:dev-faq}
\item [ My code does not compile as \_mm\_\ldots is not found. ]
\exahype\ uses aggressive memory prefetching to avoid latency penalties
when it accesses the main memory through the caches. These techniques
work on Intel systems as long as the system has the required libraries
installed. If you run into problems, please add the parameter
\texttt{-DnoTBBPrefetchesJobData} to your compile flags.
\item [ How do I link my own libraries against \exahype? ]
\exahype\ uses the two environment variables \texttt{COMPILER\_CFLAGS}
and \texttt{COMPILER\_LFLAGS} to build up all settings for the actual
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