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Add a incomplete section on strong and weak scaling. Pictures are already there.

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......@@ -390,10 +390,32 @@ proper load balancings.
Furthermore, we recommend that you use the a non-greedy load
metric if you switch this feature on (\texttt{hotspot}, e.g.).
\subsection{Weak and strong scaling}
A grid with $36^d$ cells on the coarse grid which allows to use $1$, $2^d$, $4^d$, and $12^d$ ranks
to uniformly distribute the load.
\caption{Weak scaling experiment growing the domain by factors $1$, $2^d$, $4^d$, and $8^d$. \texttt{ranks\_per\_dimension} is chosen 1,2,4,8.}
\section{MPI troubleshooting and inefficiency patterns}
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