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Commit 6346ae1b authored by Jean-Matthieu's avatar Jean-Matthieu

update submodules versions + update the hotfix for jsonschema

parent 2a4897c1
Subproject commit 8824dc26c219abcb43564dd9386fe1a88f938344
Subproject commit 048c2666c63deed3c9caf522113e15ad982741f0
Subproject commit 91a404073acac40a7945bf7d584e8b30bc7a08cb
Subproject commit b3a9df307220fc88c2bde48da5ff837a33faff31
Subproject commit 601168ca8aa41f39cf46953a6bee89e7c6f127a4
Subproject commit c870d5f5f78db4c0f6de69084216ce5f1a3b82fa
Subproject commit 5f179762c71b0343aa473eb1ec36e22f1826ad40
Subproject commit 724205cb0e2005399159ae23d880819f2fc2380f
Subproject commit 3c8614dcb488991c1659d5e337f4f6d6338ada8b
Subproject commit 32b2a46f04e7752b5aedb05f0e1b3864e16fcee3
Subproject commit bc4a122eb16f90c95c3b80679954cec473f3afb0
Subproject commit ff4b6490b194a81d78ebd7c667e1acba405ac1a3
Subproject commit aa4e90bcd7b7bc13a71dfaebcb2021f4caaa8432
Subproject commit 3a3db7510b33eb22c63ad94bc735a9032949249f
......@@ -161,10 +161,10 @@ update_others() {
cd "$scriptDir" #move back
# comment last two lines of module init file (hot fix)
# comment two lines of module init file (hot fix)
cd jsonschema
sed -i -e "s,^from pkg_resources import get_distribution,#from pkg_resources import get_distribution,g" jsonschema/__init__.py
sed -i -e "s,^__version__ = get_distribution(__name__).version,#__version__ = get_distribution(__name__).version,g" jsonschema/__init__.py
sed -i -e "s,^ from importlib import metadata, pass #from importlib import metadata,g" jsonschema/__init__.py
sed -i -e "s,^__version__ = metadata.version(\"jsonschema\"),#__version__ = metadata.version(\"jsonschema\"),g" jsonschema/__init__.py
cd ..
if [ ! -d six ]; then
......@@ -198,8 +198,8 @@ update_others() {
cd "$scriptDir" #move back
#Clean documentation to save space
cd libxsmm
rm -rf samples/
rm -rf documentation/
rm -rf samples/ #over 100M of not needed stuff
rm -rf documentation/ #around 10M of documentation
cd ..
echo "Update libxsmm submodule"
......@@ -209,11 +209,11 @@ update_others() {
echo "Up-to-date"
git checkout -- samples/
git checkout -- documentation/
git checkout -- samples/ #restore samples to avoid conflict
git checkout -- documentation/ #restore documentation to avoid conflict
git pull origin release
rm -rf samples/ #delete potential new stuff
rm -rf documentation/ #delete potential new stuff
rm -rf samples/ #delete again
rm -rf documentation/ #delete again
cd ..
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