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......@@ -23,29 +23,9 @@ A script is provided to fetch them, and if necessary build them.
### Instalation and demo ###
Copy and paste these commands to start with a working ExaHyPE application and compile the demo application _EulerFlow_:
git clone git@gitlab.lrz.de:exahype/ExaHyPE-Engine.git
Now you are ready to follow compile and run an ExaHyPE application [according to the guidebook](http://www5.in.tum.de/exahype/guidebook.pdf):
cd ExaHyPE-Engine/
./Toolkit/toolkit.sh ApplicationExamples/EulerFlow.exahype
cd ApplicationExamples/EulerFlow/
export COMPILER=gnu
export TBB_INC=/usr/include/tbb
export TBB_LIB=/usr/lib/tbb
./ExaHyPE-Euler ../EulerFlow.exahype
Look into `RUN.sh` for an alternative, more elaborate way how to setp the installation and it's dependencies. You also might want to use the `exa` tool which makes it super simple to start and use an installation from the scratch: After downloading, just execute
$exa bootstrap
$exa compile-run EulerFlow
The wiki contains a mini installation guide as well as a short demo
You can find it at:
## General remarks ##
......@@ -65,12 +45,6 @@ Please, don't commit the following:
Please write good commit messages that document how you changed ExaHyPE.
## Regenerate ExaHyPE's kernel gluecode ##
java -jar ~/workspace/peano/pdt/pdt.jar --generate-gluecode exahype/exahype.specification exahype ~/workspace/peano/pdt/usrtemplates:../Peano/multiscalelinkedcell
## Build a new release ##
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