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......@@ -30,13 +30,31 @@ has to be done manually, i.e. if your system is not configured properly yet.
Ensure that TBB_SHLIB is set properly
(export TBB_SHLIB="-L/opt/intel/tbb/lib/intel64/gcc4.7 -ltbb")
Some systems also require -lpthread to be in the variable.
- If you don't want to use shared memory parallelism:
Ensure that SHAREDMEM is set to none
(export SHAREDMEM=none)
- If you want to use the GNU compiler (Intel is default):
Set COMPILER variable to GNU
- Ensure the Delta sources path is added to the project's build flags. The
value of PROJECT_CLFAGS has to point to the directory holding delta/Mesh.h
(export PROJECT_CFLAGS=-I/home/.../git/Delta/src)
- Ensure the Delta library path is added to the project's linker flags
(export PROJECT_LFLAGS=-L/home/.../git/Delta/src/lib -ldelta)
- Ensure the Delta library path is added to the project's linker flags.
Search for the file if you are not sure about the
exact location. If you have properly installed Delta, it should be
in the installation path. If you haven't done so, i.e. if you haven't used
make install, then there should be a .libs directory (hidden) within the
src/delta folder which hosts the required files.
(export PROJECT_LFLAGS=-L/home/.../git/Delta/src/delta/.libs -lDelta)
## Run example ##
Change into the directory hosting the demonstrator. This should be teh
subdirectory Demonstrators/EulerFV-with-Delta.
- Tell your bash where to find the Delta libraries. See the last item above
which pathes to choose. Should be the same you hand into -L.
(export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=home/.../git/Delta/src/delta/.libs)
- Run the code and pass the exahype file in again
(./ExaHyPE-EulerFV EulerFV-with-Delta.exahype)
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