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make for windows x64

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% makewin.m
% created on: 08.01.2018
% author: rungger
% This file builds the mex executables for the interface
% the supplied proted CUDD library is buyilt for Release/x64
% If your Matlab is 32bits, this will not work. Contact me to
% supply the 32bit version.
clear all;
delete mexSymbolicSet.mex*
% the ported CUDD
cuddProjPath = fullfile('.','cuddwin64');
cuddIncPath = fullfile(cuddProjPath, 'include');
cuddLibPath = fullfile(cuddProjPath, 'lib', 'CUDD.lib');
% path of includes
ipath_bdd = ['-I' fullfile('..','..','bdd')];
ipath_cudd = ['-I' cuddIncPath];
% linking with CUDD. You need to have the library in the path
linkcudd = ['-l' cuddLibPath];
mex('-v',ipath_bdd, ipath_cudd, linkcudd , '')
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