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Title: SCOTS a Symbolic COnTroller Synthesis tool
SCOTS is a C++ tool (with a small Matlab interface) to synthesize controller for
possibly perturbed nonlinear control systems with respect to safety and
reachability specifications.
- A C++ development environment where you can compile C++ source code.
- The cudd library by Fabio Somenzi, which can be downlaod at ''.
- The boost library.
SCOTS is a header only library. So you only need to add SCOTS src directory to
the include directory in the compiler command.
Further details are found in the readme files in example directories.
Directory structure
- ./src/
Contains the source C++ source code for the SCOTS classes
- ./mfiles
Contains an mfile as a wrapper to the mex-file functions
- ./mfiles/mexfiles/
A mex-file to read the C++ output from file
- ./examples/
Some C++ programs for testing and development
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