Commit cba6d1e9 authored by Philipp Samfaß's avatar Philipp Samfaß
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moved CMakeLists to main dir

parent aef62518
...@@ -35,18 +35,18 @@ elseif (CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER_ID STREQUAL "MSVC") ...@@ -35,18 +35,18 @@ elseif (CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER_ID STREQUAL "MSVC")
endif() endif()
add_library(tmpi SHARED add_library(tmpi SHARED
Rank.cpp lib/Rank.cpp
Rank.h lib/Rank.h
RankControl.cpp lib/RankControl.cpp
RankControl.h lib/RankControl.h
Timing.cpp lib/Timing.cpp
Timing.h lib/Timing.h
Wrapper.cpp lib/Wrapper.cpp
Wrapper.h lib/Wrapper.h
teaMPI.cpp lib/teaMPI.cpp
teaMPI.h lib/teaMPI.h
CommStats.cpp lib/CommStats.cpp
CommStats.h) lib/CommStats.h)
find_library(SMARTMPI smartmpi HINTS "$ENV{SMARTMPI_PATH}/build/smartmpi_lib") find_library(SMARTMPI smartmpi HINTS "$ENV{SMARTMPI_PATH}/build/smartmpi_lib")
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