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......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ The two core papers describing the research behind the library are
This guidebook is written for users of \teaMPI, and for people who want to
extend it.
The text is thus organised into three parts:
First, we quickly describe how to build, install and use \teaMPI.
First, we describe how to build, install and use \teaMPI.
Second, we describe the vision and rationale behind the software as well as its
application scenarios.
Third, we describe implementation specifica.
\chapter{Setting up a developer versino of \teaMPI}
\chapter{\teaMPI\ for developers}
\chapter{\teaMPI's (smart) architecture}
\teaMPI's design is conceptionally very simple:
\item The user code links against the \teaMPI\ library which in turn hooks
into the PMPI interface. As a result, \teaMPI\ can hijack MPI calls, map them
onto subcommunicators (subsets of ranks) or trigger special functions besides
the MPI core functionality.
\item Furthermore, \teaMPI\ provides an API such that programmers can inform
it about tasks, e.g., or query load balancing information.
\item If \teaMPI\ is built with SmartNIC support, each library running on the
host is paired up with a SmartTea instance running on the BlueField. The
library now can interact with the \teaMPI\ instance running on the SmartNIC
and the two of them can orchestrate data transfer completely independent of
the user application.
......@@ -33,9 +33,9 @@
\part{Use cases}
% \part{Large-scale \Peano\ applications}
% \newpage
% \input{60_exahype}
% \newpage
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