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Commit 159de6f5 authored by Philipp Meyer's avatar Philipp Meyer
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Changed verbosity of sat checking message

parent a2c3d0b7
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ symConstraints vars constraint = do
checkSat :: (SatModel a, SymWord a, Show a, Show b) =>
ConstraintProblem a b -> OptIO (Maybe b)
checkSat (problemName, resultName, vars, constraint, interpretation) = do
verbosePut 1 $ "Checking SAT of " ++ problemName
verbosePut 2 $ "Checking SAT of " ++ problemName
verbosity <- opt optVerbosity
result <- liftIO (satWith z3{verbose=verbosity >= 4}
(symConstraints vars constraint))
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