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Commit 251d80c3 authored by Philipp Meyer's avatar Philipp Meyer
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Update pp-print program

parent ee40c179
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ executable pp-print
main-is: Main.hs
-- other-extensions:
build-depends: multiset, base >= 4.8, containers, aeson, aeson-pretty, bytestring
build-depends: base >= 4.8, containers, aeson, aeson-pretty, bytestring
hs-source-dirs: src
default-language: Haskell2010
ghc-options: -dynamic
module PopulationProtocol ( PopulationProtocol (..)
, Population
, createModuloProtocol
, createThresholdProtocol
, createOldThresholdProtocol
......@@ -18,7 +17,6 @@ module PopulationProtocol ( PopulationProtocol (..)
import Util
import qualified Data.Set as S
import qualified Data.MultiSet as MS
import qualified Data.Map.Strict as M
import Data.Tuple (swap)
import Data.List (intercalate, nub)
......@@ -47,8 +45,6 @@ type FlockOfBirdsProtocol = PopulationProtocol Int
type VerifiableFlockOfBirdsProtocol = PopulationProtocol (Bool, Int)
type Population qs = MS.MultiSet qs
data ThresholdState = Neg Int | Pos Int | BiasPos Int | Passive Bool deriving (Ord, Eq, Show)
data SimpleState = L Int | NL Int deriving (Ord, Eq, Show)
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