Commit 961bd0c0 authored by Philipp Meyer's avatar Philipp Meyer
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Fix identifiers in broadcast protocol for correctness verification

parent ba7ca5d5
{ "title": "Broadcast Protocol",
"states": ["true", "false"],
"states": ["_true", "_false"],
"transitions": [{ "name": "true,false->true,true",
"pre": ["true", "false"],
"post": ["true", "true"]
"pre": ["_true", "_false"],
"post": ["_true", "_true"]
"initialStates": ["true", "false"],
"trueStates": ["true"],
"predicate": "true >= 1"
"initialStates": ["_true", "_false"],
"trueStates": ["_true"],
"predicate": "_true >= 1"
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