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Commit 5f542a3d authored by Philipp Meyer's avatar Philipp Meyer

Get structural information for benchmarks with structure option

parent cc5eb08f
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ timelimit=$((1 * 3600))
properties=( 'termination' 'consensus' 'correctness' )
prop_options=( '--layered-termination' '--strong-consensus' '--correctness' )
prop_refinements=( 'Checking SAT of layered termination' 'Checking SAT of trap' 'Checking SAT of trap' )
mkdir -p $benchmark_dir/$out_dir
mkdir -p $benchmark_dir/$results_dir
......@@ -49,10 +50,10 @@ for protocol_dir in $(find $benchmark_dir/$protocols_dir -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1
echo -n "$protocol,$file" >>$benchmark_dir/$results_dir/results.csv
$executable_dir/$executable $options $filename 2>&1 | tee $benchmark_dir/$out_dir/$protocol/$file.out
$executable_dir/$executable $options $structure_option $filename 2>&1 | tee $benchmark_dir/$out_dir/$protocol/$file.out
n_states=$(grep -e 'Number of states' "$benchmark_dir/$out_dir/$protocol/$file.out" | sed -e 's/^.*: \([0-9]*\)$/\1/')
n_transitions=$(grep -e 'Number of transitions' "$benchmark_dir/$out_dir/$protocol/$file.out" | sed -e 's/^.*: \([0-9]*\)$/\1/')
n_states=$(grep -e '^States *: ' "$benchmark_dir/$out_dir/$protocol/$file.out" | sed -e 's/^.*: \([0-9]*\)$/\1/')
n_transitions=$(grep -e '^Transitions *: ' "$benchmark_dir/$out_dir/$protocol/$file.out" | sed -e 's/^.*: \([0-9]*\)$/\1/')
echo -n ",$n_states,$n_transitions" >>$benchmark_dir/$results_dir/results.csv
for (( propi=0;propi<${#properties[@]};propi++)); do
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