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      Changelog: · a406971c
      Daniel Kaschubek authored
      - Schedule metabolic calculation was changed to ensure closed water balance for both schedule types
      - MCA criticality calculation was improved to converge faster and include ESM in the criticality calculation
      - ECLSS composition sheet and calculation was completly reworked to enable free selection of subsystem combinations
      - Added different types of plant growth chambers based on BVAD values
      - Technology sheet is now used as source basis and new technologies added to it are automatically included in the calculations
      - Changing values in the technology sheet now impacts all calculations, allowing the user to adjust the technology values easily incase newer or different values should be used
      - Adjusted Output Data sheet and Graphical output sheet, it is now possible to store and load up to 10 different configurations of ECLSS and compare their values
      - Included break even point calculation between the different selected ECLSS compositions
      - Completly rewored VBA code base to improve code readabili...
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