Commit d093bbeb authored by Martin Ruckert's avatar Martin Ruckert
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making plain mmix

parent 36f42f9b
......@@ -58,8 +58,8 @@ libmmix.a: $(LIBOBJ)
$(RANLIB) $@
mmix-sim: libmmix.a mmix-sim.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) mmix-sim.c -L. -lmmix -o mmix-sim
mmix: libmmix.a mmix-sim.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) mmix-sim.c -L. -lmmix -o mmix
mmixcpu: libmmix.a mmix-vmb.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) mmix-vmb.c -lmmix -lvmbmmix -lvmb -lpthread -o mmixcpu
......@@ -76,5 +76,5 @@ clean:
rm -f *.o
rm -f $(LIBSIM) $(LIBH) $(LIBAL) mmix-arith.c mmix-io.c
rm -f *~ *.tmp
rm -f libmmix.a mmix-sim
rm -f libmmix.a mmix
rm -f mmix-sim.c mmixal.c
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