Authored by Maxime Pedrotti

Livestream embed sample

This snippet shows how a live video stream sent through LRZ's video streaming service could be published and/or embedded on a web page. This example shows a sample embed with VideoJS, other players may have different codes or prerequisites.


In order to play a live stream, you need to enter the following settings in the HTML document:

  • stream application
    -> information given by LRZ video streaming team
  • stream key/name
    -> information given by LRZ video streaming team
  • poster image
    -> you may want to place an image file next to the document to show something when the stream is not playing

All external resources are addressed via HTTPS, your page needs to be served via HTTPS as well.

After making the changes, place the HTML and the respective player subfolder/script on a web server, and open the page in a web browser.

URL formats

LRZ's video streaming service delivers (at least) HLS and DASH streams. The usual format is:

Protocol URL
livestream_videojs.html 1.37 KB
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