Commit ce299cba authored by Moritz Klischat's avatar Moritz Klischat
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updated to commonroad-io 2020.2

parent f532a126
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ import warnings
from commonroad.common.util import Interval
from lxml import etree
from commonroad.common.file_writer import CommonRoadFileWriter
from commonroad.common.file_writer import CommonRoadFileWriter, OverwriteExistingFile
from import Network
from opendrive2lanelet.opendriveparser.parser import parse_opendrive
from sumo_config.default import EGO_ID_START
......@@ -61,9 +61,9 @@ def convert_net_to_cr(net_file:str, out_folder:str=None,verbose=False) -> str:
# write CommonRoad scenario to file
commonroad_writer = CommonRoadFileWriter(scenario, planning_problem_set=None,
source="Converted from SUMO net using netconvert and OpenDRIVE 2 Lanelet Converter",
with open(cr_map_file, "w") as fh:
tags=set(), author='',affiliation='')
commonroad_writer.write_scenario_to_file(filename=cr_map_file, overwrite_existing_file=OverwriteExistingFile.ALWAYS)
return cr_map_file
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