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# Vehicle Models of CommonRoad

This repository contains all vehicle models of the [CommonRoad benchmarks](

We provide implementation examples in MATLAB and Python, routines to convert initial states and parameters, simulation examples to demonstrate the advantages of more complicated models, and a detailed documentation.

## Installation (Python)

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To use vehicle models and parameters, add the folder `Python` to your PYTHONPATH. If you are using PyCharm, this can be set through File->Settings->Project Interpreter->Show all->Edit

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## Contribute

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If you want to contribute new vehicle models, you can create a merge request or contact us via our [forum](

## Changelog
Compared to version 2019b the following features were added:
* kinematic single-track model with on-axle trailer
* vehicle parameter set for a semi-trailer truck (vehicle ID: 4)
* single-track drift model: nonlinear single-track model with Pacejka tire forces
* refactoring and restructuring of MATLAB and PYTHON packages
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## References

If you use CommonRoad, please cite *[M. Althoff, M. Koschi, and S. Manzinger, ''CommonRoad: Composable Benchmarks for Motion Planning on Roads,'' in Proc. of the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2017, pp. 719-726](*.