Commit 74fc3db6 authored by Gerald Würsching's avatar Gerald Würsching
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fix in init_std

parent 52570a39
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ def init_std(init_state, p):
# create initial state vector
x0 = init_state.copy()
x0.append(x0[3]*math.cos(x0[6])/(math.cos(x0[2])*p.R_w)) # init front wheel angular speed
x0.append(x0[3]*math.cos(x0[6])*math.cos(x0[2])/p.R_w) # init front wheel angular speed
x0.append(x0[3]*math.cos(x0[6])/p.R_w) # init rear wheel angular speed
return x0
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