LRZ GitLab

How can I use the LRZ GitLab?

You need a user ID from LRZ or one of the participating universities with GitLab access rights.

Please use the LDAP (User ID) tab, your user ID (e.g. "ab123xy") and your password to log in. Logging in with your email address is not supported.

If you are a member of TUM/LMU/HM/HSWT and don't know which user ID you can use for GitLab, please contact your user administration for help. You can also contact the LRZ Servicedesk.

External Users

For external cooperation, we are offering GitInvited (Description) as a service to invite external users to the LRZ GitLab. This way should only be used if you or your cooperation partners can't get access to GitLab with an own LRZ or University account.

Please use the Standard tab to log in.

By logging into LRZ GitLab you accept our data privacy statement and our terms of service.

LRZ GitLab