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    New scenario.json Version (0.5), test utils, simulation result · 6f8badd0
    Stefan Schuhbaeck authored
    New Features:
    * Graphical simulation result is displayed in a table view to show
      run-time and overlap information if the corresponding processors
      are loaded. The Simulation result dialog can be deactivated in
      the preferences.
    * PedestrianOverlapProcessor returns two values "distance", "overlaps"
      for each overlap detected. If no overlap occurs the output is empty.
      "distance": The distance between the center of the two pedestrians
      "overlaps": The amount the two pedestrian overlap
    * New version for scenario.json (0.5):
      - remove scenario/attributesSimulation/needsBoundary as it is not
      used anymore.
      - remove attributes from processor PedestrianOverlapProcessor because
      the radius of a pedestrian can be retrieved from the topography at
      run-time. This would allow to detect overlaps of different sized
      pedestrian in the future.
    * Helper interfaces for testing:
      - The TestResourceHandler interface groups all methods
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