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    add new test for version v0.6 · cf8ef64d
    Stefan Schuhbaeck authored
    Changes for v0.6:
    * remove PedestrianOverlapDistProcessor and add functionality in
    * show overlap distance in PedestrianOverlapProcessor as a positive
    * refactor NumberOverlapsProcessor to use PedestrianOverlapProcessor
      as dependency
    * refactor MaxOverlapProcessor to use PedestrianOverlapProcessor
      as dependency
    JsonTransform Tests:
    To test transformation and manipulate Jackson's JsonNode representation
    four new Interface are included.
    * JsonNodeExplorer: Methods to travers, delete and add JsonNodes in an
      existing Json representation. Many methods will throw Exceptions if
      a path does not exist or the operation does not work. Included are
      helpers for eays path traversal (i.e. path(root, "path/to/node"))
    * TestJsonNodeExplorer: This extends the JsonNodeExplorer and overwrites
      all Methods with exceptions and insted inclueds Assertions and
      Junit test to indicate an error. Thus for example the method
      pathMustExist contains an assertion test that the path exists. This
      can be used in UnitTest as assertions.
    * TestJsonNodeHelper: Create JsonNode tree from text files
    * TestResourceHandler: Allows to load file based resources for test
      and will create backups of test files so the test enviroment can be
      resotred if a test fails. This helps in the development process.