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    add new test for version v0.6 · cf8ef64d
    Stefan Schuhbaeck authored
    Changes for v0.6:
    * remove PedestrianOverlapDistProcessor and add functionality in
    * show overlap distance in PedestrianOverlapProcessor as a positive
    * refactor NumberOverlapsProcessor to use PedestrianOverlapProcessor
      as dependency
    * refactor MaxOverlapProcessor to use PedestrianOverlapProcessor
      as dependency
    JsonTransform Tests:
    To test transformation and manipulate Jackson's JsonNode representation
    four new Interface are included.
    * JsonNodeExplorer: Methods to travers, delete and add JsonNodes in an
      existing Json representation. Many methods will throw Exceptions if
      a path does not exist or the operation does not work. Included are
      helpers for eays path traversal (i.e. path(root, "path/to/node"))
    * TestJsonNodeExplorer: This extends the JsonNodeExplorer and overwrites
      all Methods with exceptions and insted inclueds Assertions and
      Junit test to indicate an error. Thus for example the method
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