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Commit 035ceba6 authored by Benedikt Kleinmeier's avatar Benedikt Kleinmeier
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Renamed "JsonTransformV8ToV9" to "JsonTransformV9ToV010" to avoid naming...

Renamed "JsonTransformV8ToV9" to "JsonTransformV9ToV010" to avoid naming conflict when merging with master.
parent 64cae2bc
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ public enum Version {
V0_7(0, 7),
V0_8(0, 8),
......@@ -6,11 +6,11 @@ import org.vadere.simulator.entrypoints.Version;
import org.vadere.simulator.projects.migration.MigrationException;
import org.vadere.simulator.projects.migration.jsontranformation.SimpleJsonTransformation;
@MigrationTransformation(targetVersionLabel = "0.9")
public class JsonTransformV8ToV9 extends SimpleJsonTransformation {
@MigrationTransformation(targetVersionLabel = "0.10")
public class JsonTransformV9ToV010 extends SimpleJsonTransformation {
public JsonTransformV8ToV9() {
public JsonTransformV9ToV010() {
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