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......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ The Vadere framework includes a mesh generator for unstructured high-quality 2D
### Dependencies
* Java 11 (OpenJDK recommended -> see the official [Java website](
* OpenCL (optional but recommended -> see the [install instructions]( for details))
* OpenCL (optional but recommended -> see the [install instructions]( for details)
### Pre-Built Releases
......@@ -46,17 +46,16 @@ The ZIP file contains:
### Run the Application
1. Start the Application: After building the application, you can start Vadere by running `java -jar VadereGui/target/vadere-gui.jar`.
2. (If you only want to use the Postvisualization-Tool you can do so by running `java -jar VadereGui/target/postvis.jar`).
Open a terminal and enter `path/to/openjdk/java -jar vadere-gui.jar`.
### Run Built-In Examples
With the following steps, you can run a simulation with one of the built-in examples from [VadereModelTests](VadereModelTests):
- start Vadere
- *Project* > *Open*
- choose `vadere.project` of one of the projects e.g. [TestOSM]( and click *open*
- select the scenario on the left and press *run selected scenario*
- Start Vadere
- Click *Project* > *Open*
- Choose `vadere.project` of one of the test projects, e.g. [TestOSM]( and click *open*
- Select tahe scenario on the left and press *run selected scenario*
## Build from Source
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